Give them Rope 2X

We could not be happier with the way No Sleep and Relapse have handled Give Them Rope for us.  This record has always been special to us and it’s always been a bummer to see it go out of press so quickly and stay that way.  Not anymore though. The cd contains 2 cd’s, one of the 1996 and one of the 2003 mix.  The lp contains 2 slabs of vinyl of the same thing.  Liner notes by Jes, reworked layout to update the original, it just has everything you would want out of this release.

You can purchase the CD Here.
You can purchase the LP Here.

But between you and us, going to your local record store is always the most fun. This was just recently released on November 22nd.

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We are GO for Krazy fest!


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It’s official, we are going out with CONVERGE.

63041124-5138276d1887d60249a0d8b6e9c3a4ad4b6c8ac2-full.jpgHey guys, we goofed this by retweeting a jpeg someone lifted off of the back end of converge’s site, but it’s official now after much speculation.  We are going to be picking up the last of our 2010 touring with converge to get to the midwest and the west coast.  Here are the full dates.  And a video of what’s to continue into 2010.

dates w/ Coalesce, Lewd Acts, Black Breath
5/10 Lawrence, KS @ Bottleneck
5/11 Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre
5/13 Seattle, WA @ Neumo’s
5/14 Portland, OR @ Satyricon w/ Gaza
5/15 San Francisco, CA @ Slim’s
5/16 California @ TBA

dates w/ Coalesce, Gaza, Lewd Acts, Black Breath
5/17 Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction
5/18 Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey Theatre
5/19 Tempe, AZ @ The Clubhouse
5/21 Austin, TX @ Emo’s

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We are touring with Harvey Milk and The Atlas Moth!

57487677.jpgWe didn’t get to do many American shows last year, due to us spending our vacation time in Europe (I know poor us right?).  This year however, we are blowing all of our vaction time on you, the American Hardcore fans.  This year, we seriously lucked out.  We are embarking on 2 tours this year that will have us east to west, and even Canada.  The first tour we are doing is with the amazing Harvey Milk and Atlas Moth.  Dates are as follow…
Mar 5 2010   Rex Theatre w/ Harvey Milk & The Atlas Moth    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Mar 6 2010   Kung Fu Necktie w/ Harvey Milk & The Atlas Moth    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Mar 7 2010   The Ottobar w/ Harvey Milk & The Atlas Moth    Baltimore, Maryland
Mar 8 2010   Le Poisson Rouge w/ Harvey Milk & The Atlas Moth    New York City, New York
Mar 9 2010   Middle East Downstairs w/ Harvey Milk & The Atlas Moth    Cambridge, Massachusetts
Mar 10 2010  Il Motore w/ Harvey Milk & The Atlas Moth    Montréal, Quebec
Mar 11 2010   Wreck Room w/ Harvey Milk & The Atlas Moth    Toronto, Ontario
Mar 12 2010   Small’s w/ Harvey Milk & The Atlas Moth    Hamtramck, Michigan
Mar 13 2010   Subterranean w/ Harvey Milk & The Atlas Moth    Chicago, Illinois

There are already some rumors about our other tour later this spring, but it’s nothing but rumors at this point.  I can tell you that we planned our tours to where we could get across the entire united states and not loose our day jobs.  So in short, if you are waiting for a Coalesce show in the nyc area, come see us with Harvey Milk and the Atlas moth, because we won’t be back later on another tour.

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OXEP Preorder up now! Preview song up now!


Hey guys, just a quick note that OXEP comes out Nov 10, and we have a rad preorder package put together for you.  We are doing a classic brand name zippo, a Dakota pocket knife, and a really nice OX zip hoodie by Micah Smith.  CLICK HERE FOR THE PREORDER.

The Zippo is a name brand quality lighter, and we’ve done it in a classic silver worn look.  The OX icon is engraved in the face in a classic set up.  As an added bonus, we are making some chase lighters in black matte and gold.  Only 1 of each is being made, and random customers will get them unless specified that they do NOT want a one of a kind lighter.  All lighters are being made to order.  If we only sell 1, then only 1 of these will exist.

The Dakota pocket knife was chosen as a useful work tool.  Sean from Coalesce searched for hours looking for the best quality knife, with the best features.  Having the blade black is a huge bonus.  The Ox icon is engraved on both sides of the blade.  This too is being made to order.  No chase colors on the knife.

We haven’t had a new hoodie in a long time.  We are super excited to see Micah Smiths Ox poster design used in such an appealing way.  We decided to go with american apparel on this item, and it again is being made to order.

Please note that we split the preorder items from the actual ep.  Everything is sold separately.  So if you download a leak from wherever, you can still support the band and get something unique and useful.

We have approved the test presses for the 12″ vinyl, and they should be on time as well.  We will have our copies of the vinyl up for preorder in all colors as soon as we can go through the boxes and know exactly what we have.

You can go over to our myspace page and check out a track from OXEP right now.  CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW A NEW OXEP TRACK.  We chose “Through Sparrows I rest” as the first track for you to check out.  A little note on the song, that’s not a missle at the end, that’s Sean’s 12 year old daughter backing her dad on vocals. We believe the entire OXEP will be available for streaming on soon enough.

Thanks so much for your continued support of this band and our art.

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51l3ab6y1fl_ss500_.jpgHey folks, we just returned from a whirlwind week thanks to the generosity of the kind folks at Scion Motors and Beyond Marketing.  A seriously heart felt thanks to everyone involved, and everyone who took time out of their evening to come out and see us and the incredible CAVE IN play.

Next month is when OXEP comes out on Relapse Records, and we figured we would give you a little more information about this release, since we’ve seen a lot of confusion and inaccurate descriptions as to what exactly this is.

OXEP (not “ox” ep) is 5 new original coalesce songs.  There are 7 tracks, but 1 and 7 are a percussive intro and outro.  These songs are not cuts that didn’t make ox.  We wrote and recorded these songs specifically for an ep release after ox was already done and delivered to Relapse for production.  We continued our americana theme and expanded them on these songs, therefore wanted them to be considered part of the 2009 ox sessions.

Don Clark returned for the layout and design of OXEP with a pared down presentation as final price was of a major concern.  The CD version will sell for $8.00 and the LP pricing will be announced once projections are back in.  LP version will be gatefold again, with multiple colors of vinyl for collectors.  Relapse is running a preorder right now, and we will have ours up shortly with more unique premiums like a zippo, and pocket knife.

Thanks again for all your support and kind words regarding OX.  We have been shown a welcome warmer than any band could hope for.

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Updated! Remix Wild Ox Moan, plus uploading instructions.

Relapse, Coalesce, and have teamed up to put together a contest we are really excited about.  Ed Rose has broken down the song “Wild Ox Moan” into several stem tracks ready for you to completely reinvent, and remix.  Here are the details on how to do this…

” Go HERE to the Coalesce remix page. If you’re not yet a member, click Signup in the top right corner of the page.  Provide your name, email and a password and you’ll soon be a member!  Once you’re a member, you can Ask to Join.  After you are accepted into the session, you can make comments, record, edit or upload a mix and more.  To start a mix using Indaba’s online recording software, click Record, Edit, Mix.  This will launch the Session Console. To access to the files for download, click on View All in the files section on the right.  In the actions bar next to each track, you can select  download.  And then you can go ahead and mix the tracks using your own music software. 

When you are all done, you should then upload your final track on the site itself by clicking on “upload files (see screenshot, click to enlarge)”


We’ve noticed that a lot of folks are uploading their mixes on their myspaces, and other new sharing media blogs.  That’s all good, but we would like to have all of the mixes in one place so we don’t have to hunt all over the net.  That is if you want to be in the drawing for the prizes.

Here is the list of prizes for the winning mixes.  Don’t write off those signed cd’s, Ingram drove over 3 hours getting them all signed :)
Prize List:

Grand (1):
-Remix track featured on Coalesce MySpace page + other networks
-OX T-Shirt
-Clear OX LP
-Signed OX CD
-1 year Platinum Indaba Membership
-Set of pro headphones courtesy of Blue Collar Distro
-Limited Edition Screen Printed Poster
-1 year Platinum Indaba Membership

1st (1)
-Signed OX CD
-OX T-Shirt

Runner Ups (10)
-Signed OX CD

Not familiar with Indaba music?  Indaba Music is a global community of over 250,000 musicians and technology that enables artists from 185 countries to create music together and manage their musical lives.  Members share, archive, and promote their music; learn from instrumental legends and industry vets; compete in interactive campaigns with major artists and connect and collaborate in online recording sessions, all using the service’s groundbreaking Digital Audio Workstation. In short, coalesce is the first heavy artist to have a featured session, and we couldn’t be more honored.

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This one is for the coalesce history books

This is probably the single weirdest thing that has happened in our little history as a band.  Music reviewer Mark Prindle did an interview segment on Fox News’ “Red Eye”.  When asked if there was any band on the radar for “album of the year”, Mr. Prindle said our own Ox was the contender.  But then it got extra crazy and amazing.  I’m not going to ruin it for you, but skip to the 3:50 mark…

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OX going into 2nd press soon, get last of 1st press now.


“Already?”, that’s what we thought too.  But it’s true, ox is going into second press with a low number, and we still have our share of the (1st press) vinyl since we’ve been in Europe this whole time.  We have all versions available to the public online now.  We lowered the price and are even throwing in some freebies to sweaten the deal.

Cd: There was a mishap with some of the cutting on the Art set.  Sean wanted some bookmarks for himself, and just kinda kept making them until he ran out of thread.  they turned out beautiful.  Cd and bookmark are only $12.00.  Get it HERE.

Lp: There were a few test prints left over of the artset, and enough to include 2 random prints with each Lp.  Vinyl and art prints together are now only $18.00. Get it HERE.

European Merch designs: We only had a handful of shirts left over so we opted to take them home.  These are the 3 designs that we had on sale in Europe and England.  They are printed on Gildan ringspun tees and ink is discharge.  Get them HERE.

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Iphone Nerdsville

These were posted a month ago, but seeing Micah’s amazing interpretation of the Ox art got me reminded to post this again.  If you have an iphone, and want to sport some coalesce ox art by Don Clark, Please point your browser HERE, I uploaded a ton in a folder for you.

Don’t miss this amazing wallpaper by good friend Micah Smith.  You can also buy the hand silkscreened poster of this art here if you are so inclined.   As for the iphone wallpaper below, right click, save as, put on phone and live it.


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