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Coalesce on twitter

Hey all, just a note that you can follow the progress of OX on twitter.   If you don’t know what twitter is, it’s kind of like an ongoing group text message with people you know or like.  Nerdy?  yes.  Fun and informative?  totally.  We’ll be posting links and news there first.

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Coalesce to play the ridiculous “Scion Fest”


This has all the earmarks of the most epic Relapse CMJ Showcase at Coney Island High back in 98 or 99.  For real, this thing looks ridiculous.  I just hope it’s not as epic as HellFest, which was, as you know, so epic it imploded upon itself.

There is a lot of conflicting info on how to get tickets for this thing, and we honestly don’t know either.  We did find this great site that seems to have an idea of whats going on.  Check it out HERE.

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6,109 pieces of vinyl?

Hey, a site called the vinyl collective has posted a feature on Coalesce Friend and extreme collector Joseph Proffit.  Check it out HERE.  My kids are ice skating in non-hurtin’ skates because of this homie.

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Coalesce gets added to Decibel “Hall of Fame”

We have to admit we are pretty stoked on this, we aren’t used to getting recognition like this, so it feels good to say the least.  The magazine arrived to us last week, and some people are getting them in the mail, but look for At the Gates on the cover.

I didn’t think they could write 4 pages on 0:12 Revolution…, but they did.  Some stuff I totally forgot about in there.  Check it out!

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Coalesce to play 1 exclusive show in France.


It’s the fist time we’ve had the opportunity to play out of the States (we don’t really count Canada since it’s so close), and we could not pass it up.  That is correct, Coalesce is actually, finally going to play in France.  Yes it’s weird we are playing something called “Hellfest” after the fiasco of the last “Hellfest” we sorta kinda played, but regardless, we are doing this for the fans in France, and to get the hell out of here for a while.  You can see the other bands we get to play around here (Yes that’s freakin’ Carcass and At the Gates!  Score!).

So all you Euro fans on our myspace and our emails begging us to come play, this is what we came up with, and we hope you make it out, cause a European tour is very unlikely for the next year or so.  In other words, if you want to see us, I would try to make it to this show at all costs.

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