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Give them Rope 2X

We could not be happier with the way No Sleep and Relapse have handled Give Them Rope for us.  This record has always been special to us and it’s always been a bummer to see it go out of press so quickly and stay that way.  Not anymore though. The cd contains 2 cd’s, one of the 1996 and one of the 2003 mix.  The lp contains 2 slabs of vinyl of the same thing.  Liner notes by Jes, reworked layout to update the original, it just has everything you would want out of this release.

You can purchase the CD Here.
You can purchase the LP Here.

But between you and us, going to your local record store is always the most fun. This was just recently released on November 22nd.

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OXEP Preorder up now! Preview song up now!


Hey guys, just a quick note that OXEP comes out Nov 10, and we have a rad preorder package put together for you.  We are doing a classic brand name zippo, a Dakota pocket knife, and a really nice OX zip hoodie by Micah Smith.  CLICK HERE FOR THE PREORDER.

The Zippo is a name brand quality lighter, and we’ve done it in a classic silver worn look.  The OX icon is engraved in the face in a classic set up.  As an added bonus, we are making some chase lighters in black matte and gold.  Only 1 of each is being made, and random customers will get them unless specified that they do NOT want a one of a kind lighter.  All lighters are being made to order.  If we only sell 1, then only 1 of these will exist.

The Dakota pocket knife was chosen as a useful work tool.  Sean from Coalesce searched for hours looking for the best quality knife, with the best features.  Having the blade black is a huge bonus.  The Ox icon is engraved on both sides of the blade.  This too is being made to order.  No chase colors on the knife.

We haven’t had a new hoodie in a long time.  We are super excited to see Micah Smiths Ox poster design used in such an appealing way.  We decided to go with american apparel on this item, and it again is being made to order.

Please note that we split the preorder items from the actual ep.  Everything is sold separately.  So if you download a leak from wherever, you can still support the band and get something unique and useful.

We have approved the test presses for the 12″ vinyl, and they should be on time as well.  We will have our copies of the vinyl up for preorder in all colors as soon as we can go through the boxes and know exactly what we have.

You can go over to our myspace page and check out a track from OXEP right now.  CLICK HERE TO PREVIEW A NEW OXEP TRACK.  We chose “Through Sparrows I rest” as the first track for you to check out.  A little note on the song, that’s not a missle at the end, that’s Sean’s 12 year old daughter backing her dad on vocals. We believe the entire OXEP will be available for streaming on soon enough.

Thanks so much for your continued support of this band and our art.

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51l3ab6y1fl_ss500_.jpgHey folks, we just returned from a whirlwind week thanks to the generosity of the kind folks at Scion Motors and Beyond Marketing.  A seriously heart felt thanks to everyone involved, and everyone who took time out of their evening to come out and see us and the incredible CAVE IN play.

Next month is when OXEP comes out on Relapse Records, and we figured we would give you a little more information about this release, since we’ve seen a lot of confusion and inaccurate descriptions as to what exactly this is.

OXEP (not “ox” ep) is 5 new original coalesce songs.  There are 7 tracks, but 1 and 7 are a percussive intro and outro.  These songs are not cuts that didn’t make ox.  We wrote and recorded these songs specifically for an ep release after ox was already done and delivered to Relapse for production.  We continued our americana theme and expanded them on these songs, therefore wanted them to be considered part of the 2009 ox sessions.

Don Clark returned for the layout and design of OXEP with a pared down presentation as final price was of a major concern.  The CD version will sell for $8.00 and the LP pricing will be announced once projections are back in.  LP version will be gatefold again, with multiple colors of vinyl for collectors.  Relapse is running a preorder right now, and we will have ours up shortly with more unique premiums like a zippo, and pocket knife.

Thanks again for all your support and kind words regarding OX.  We have been shown a welcome warmer than any band could hope for.

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OX going into 2nd press soon, get last of 1st press now.


“Already?”, that’s what we thought too.  But it’s true, ox is going into second press with a low number, and we still have our share of the (1st press) vinyl since we’ve been in Europe this whole time.  We have all versions available to the public online now.  We lowered the price and are even throwing in some freebies to sweaten the deal.

Cd: There was a mishap with some of the cutting on the Art set.  Sean wanted some bookmarks for himself, and just kinda kept making them until he ran out of thread.  they turned out beautiful.  Cd and bookmark are only $12.00.  Get it HERE.

Lp: There were a few test prints left over of the artset, and enough to include 2 random prints with each Lp.  Vinyl and art prints together are now only $18.00. Get it HERE.

European Merch designs: We only had a handful of shirts left over so we opted to take them home.  These are the 3 designs that we had on sale in Europe and England.  They are printed on Gildan ringspun tees and ink is discharge.  Get them HERE.

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We wanted to let you guys know that the OX Preorder is now available.  The band decided to try something different this time.  Shirts are cool, but we wanted to try a few different things.  Here is a heads up on what we went with.

1. A metal flask with the OX cover engraved on the front.  We’ve never seen a band flask before, and we know you all drink.  We pay attention to stuff like that.

2. A stash box.  Officially it’s to stash things like pens and paperclips and stuff like that. In reality we know you’ll find something more interesting to stash in here, and we designed it to meet those specifications.  It’s a black matte box with the OX icon engraved into the wood on the top.  It’s 2.5″ tall, so it’ll fit your bulkier pen sized item perfectly.  It’s lined with velvet on the sides and top, but we made a special printed cardboard for the bottom incase you know, the insides of your pen spill out and you want to make sure you get it all back in your pen.  After writing this, I’m thinking we should have made a pen to go with this.

3. A 12 piece art print set.  This thing is massive and for the art/gig poster crowd.  We printed 1 of each of the ox icons, totalling 12 in all.  They are hand silkscreened in silver on black matte cover stock.  Each piece is 8″ x 8″ and ready to frame.  They come packaged in a black envelope that is printed and then hand signed/numbered by the artist Don Clark (invisible creature / demon hunter).  The envelope is then sealed with a wax seal.  This project is limited to only 200 pieces.  175 are black and silver, and then 25 are a limited red on red.  The red ones are chase packs and are inserted randomly into orders for these.  If you get one with a red wax seal you know you got some ebay fodder.  These are only being run once, and at $25.00 it’s a steal what with how much time is involved to produce these.

4. We also have all the new ox related merch up.  We did low numbers to see what folks wanted before we go into full production.  For gods sakes, if you are sick of black shirts send us a message.

That’s it folks, we thank you for checking it all out and supporting us for what we hope is a loose year.


Thank you so much…


Hello Folks, we promise to have some substantial news for you within the next 2 weeks about our new full length effort and how it’s going to go down, but in the meantime (pun intended), we wanted to let you know that we found 75 of the original (first pressing) give them rope records with no covers on them, so we came up with something creative for them. We put together a package that includes a limited slipmat, black label cover, and mylar sleeve. As an added bonus, 5 white versions were inserted randomly into the batch as chase versions if you feel so inclined. We are pretty confidant that there are no more coverless give them rope vinyl out there. It’s priced to move at $10.00 for the whole package, no limit, so please buy 75 of them.

We also wanted to let you know that the 2 new tshirts we took to florida are up on the site in all sizes. The eagle one that will probably earn you a black eye, and the stuntman mike one that will probably earn us a cease and desist letter. Or a black eye. Remember the skull skates shirt we did? That earned us a beating threat from the owner of said skate company.

And again, we know times are tough, and this is just stuff we are selling, but we appreciate your sales none the less. Due to the amazing support you guys have shown us through merch sales, we were able to embark on our new full length writing, and recording process independently. This is a big deal to us, and it honestly would not have happened without your support.

talk to you in a few weeks.

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10 Year Anniversary Functioning on Impatience available now!

Hey guys, we are shocked at how beautiful these things came out.  Expertly printed and die cut from, this brings new life to this classic release.  Full Color breakdown is as follows:

218 180 Gram
268 White/Silver Color in Color
268 Translucent Blue/Opaque Orange Splatter (Band Exclusive)
268 Clear w/ White/Translucent Red Speckle
268 Translucent Red w/ Black & Silver Splatter

The Coalesce store has the exclusive on the Blue/Opaque Orange splatter version. We have them in the store and they are ready to ship as early as tomorrow.  You will not find this color version in any physical store, or other online store, so grab them here now while you can, there are around 200 up for grabs.

As an added bonus (well to sean anyways, since he always wanted on of these), we are doing a bonus package as well.  We made a limited amount of coffee mugs with the foi art to go with the 10 year anniversary release.  Only around 60 or so.  They are not available by themselves, and we are not remaking them to our knowledge, so if you like coffee, and loud music with people screaming, get the combo package.  It will ship later than if you just get the record though.  Mugs should be in the week of the 18th and ship as soon as they come in.

In the meantime take a look at how rad they turned out…

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What’s this vinyl nerds?


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012:2 Preorder now online. New Relapse gear all around

70142lp_216.jpgWe got the word that the Relapse reissue of 012:2 is online now. All orders will ship on 5/13/08, and it’s a first come first serve basis. Here is the final Breakdown of vinyl and other notes from relapse.

Pressing information:
100 Clear (Not available to the public. Please do not request clear.)
300 Light Blue/Dark Blue Split With Red Speckles
300 Dark Blue w/ Grey Splatter
300 Blue/Black Split

Order this pre-order special and receive the 012:2 Reissue LP and the t-shirt pictured for one low price! Please be sure to select your t-shirt size!

Note: Both the LP and t-shirt will ship together 1 week prior to the release date of the LP. If delayed, package will not ship until both the LP and t-shirt are in stock.

Note: If you have ordered the LP and want to upgrade to this package, please contact

Colored vinyl is available on a first come, first serve basis. If you order multiple copies, you will receive multiple colors while quantities last. Colored vinyl is very limited and not guaranteed.

For the CD only, click here.
For the LP only, click here.
for the CD/Shirt package, click here.
for the LP/Shirt package, click here.


Also, they launched a new coalesce tshirt here!


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012:2 art revealed

We still don’t have a release date, but we can confirm that Relapse is doing both a cd version and an LP version. The LP version will be limited, and here is a heads up exclusive for you vinyl nerds (like Sean).

limited run of 1000 LPs only.
400 Half light blue + half w/dark blue and red splatter
300 dark blue w/grey splatter (whole lp)
300 ½ blue + ½ black

Invisible Creature finished the art, and the band is stoked. Here is a shot. Check out their other work by clicking here.



As an added bonus for other iPhone junkies, here is an iPhone wallpaper to enjoy (without text and advertising to ruin the radness of this art).  Just right click on the phote and save to your desktop and then get it on your iPhone.  Enjoy!


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