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Entire unedited A.P. article online now.

When A.P. decided to do an “oral history” of Coalesce, they chose long time fan Ryan J. Downey to do it.  I don’t think they expected a short novel on the band, as Ryan meticulously delivered to them.  The 35 pages needed to be condensed to 6, and much of the story was lost to no fault of A.P.

Well, Jason from A.P. and Ryan have both given us the go ahead to post the full article here on our own website.  You can click on the “History” tab at the top, or click right here.

A huge thanks to Jason and Ryan for letting us post this.  Any band should be so lucky to have such a thorough recount of their works history.  Thanks guys.

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Coalesce featured in Alarm Press.

There is a little bit of residual Coalesce press that is trickling in before we go into hibernation to finish writing our new full length. The latest one is from Alarm Press. This one was a lot of fun to do, and they sent a photographer out to boot.

You can read the full article by clicking HERE.

Also, an announcement for your overseas folks soon, and the full unedited A.P. Article will post very soon too.

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“Salt and Passage” now available on itunes!

That’s right folks, the new 7″ is available in non-drm, high quality radness right now via the itunes music store. If you don’t know how to get music off of itunes, please get with 2007. Check it out now!


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Coalesce on “Turnpike” Television show

That’s right, our good buddy TVH, the host of Turpike did a feature on us, and it’s available to view online now. Head on over here now. Don’t miss the Frank Miller-esque, sin city, puke shot half way through. Amazing. It’s a long one, so get comfy.

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Coalesce DVD available online NOW! Plus new T-shirts.


After 8 years of promising that this thing would see the light, it’s finally here. Volume 1 (maybe the only volume) of the coalesce DIY dvd archiving project the band has undertaken is finally for sale without having to dodge a drum or a microphone stand in person. There are 15 shows on the project on 4 dvdrs. These were hand assembled by the band and their kids, and the cover is silkscreened packaging. Comes with 4 discs, a sticker, and a fold out insert with some rad old flyers (check out the hydrahead productions #3 one!).

Note that there was a file error when making this before tour, and there was not time to go back and fix it before we left for tour, so in short there are 3 different packages for this. There is the blue ones as pictured which includes a few typos that Sean is more than a little embarrased about, and there is also a red and army green one with fixed said typos. So do your ebay math (error + fixed = i should buy this). All in good fun guys, all in good fun, we’d rather you enjoyed our stuff instead of resold it. Get it now while they last, production on this thing is limited.


This just in too, there are limited supplies of the new coalesce tshirt designs we took out on the road to. The first one is of the 7″ cover, it’s a salt pattern. Youtube “salt” and “soundwave” and you get the idea of what that is. It’s not a leapord print. The second one is an Aaron Turner original, and printed in silver ink. And the last one is a complete rework of the FOI idea, instead this time using the ribcage of a fetus. You can grab them all right here.


Coalesce gets 6 page feature in A.P. (alternative press) magazine.

ap_coalesce.jpgIt’s been a long time since Coalesce has been written about in A.P. (other than that whole Sean Ingram vs 18 visions nonsense), so you can imagine we were pretty stoked they chose us for this months issue to do an “oral history of”.  Good friend Ryan J. Downey did the questions, and a whole lot of them.  Every one was interviewed from the band, to 18 visions, to 108, to Frank Iero from My Chemical Romance about us.  Sadly, Pete Wentz was not (come on dude, Coalesce played with Racetraitor!).  Only a fraction of the full 32 page interview spanning from the old sXe days to the current tour made the cut, but we’re very proud how it came out.  Totally forgot about tree sap falling on Sean’s head and then him shaving it off instead of just cleaning it, haha, classic.  We just got out copy yesterday, so it should be on stands soon.  Look for some naked dudes called Chiodos on the cover.

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A big thank you to everyone who came out…

We would like to sincerely thank everyone for coming out to our shows these past two weeks; especially those of you who traveled great distances. We’re grateful that people consider what we’re doing to be worth supporting and can only hope that coalesce met that support with something that’s unique to its name. It was by far the most invigorating and fun-filled coalesce tour to date (not one fight amongst ourselves the entire trip; this has to be a good sign!). We’d especially like to thank Spencer Benevides and Dan Askew for helping out with the grunt work, and the excellent bands we were lucky enough to play with: the Daughters, See You Next Tuesday, Rocket Fuel is the Key, and This is My Condition. Our hope is that each show provided the context for everyone to have as much fun as we did.

The “plan” (and remember that this word is extremely ambiguous for us) is to re-acclimate to our normal lives so as to heal our bodies and begin writing a new record. Things are in motion so as to pull off some shows out West, since we still regret that we were unable to include any west coast dates in the past two weeks’ worth of shows (our wives and children would have killed us if we had tried to take a single day more away from home! Or maybe that’s just an excuse for the fact that we’re getting older and it’s not as easy as it used to be for us to endure what a string of coalesce shows amounts to physically). We will make the announcements if or once things are solidified for shows in the West, but we don’t expect to be able to pull anything off in 2007. Early 2008 seems more likely at this point.

Again, thanks so much to everyone for being apart of the coalesce event these past couple weeks…

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Latest song “I am this.” now up at our virb page!

Myspace has had a problem with our music page for several days now, and we have not been able to upload our second song off of our 7″. If you head over to, it’s up. It’s at the bottom of the music player. Enjoy!

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Salt and Passage 7″ preorder launched today!

Second Nature has launched the preorder for the new Coalesce 7″ “Salt and Passage”. There have been a lot of emails about how to get the limited vinyl, and what color vinyl, and all that…well, this is the best way to get ahold of them, and you can choose which color, weight, and packaging you want. There is also a limited edition t-shirt that is bundled with the package. We will only be making the shirts for the people who order, then it will be discontinued.

Click image to take you to the preorder now.


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First song off of our new 7″ “Salt and Passage” available to view at our myspace now.

The first song off our new 7″ was just uploaded tonight. Check it out now.
the second song off our 7″ will be appearing before we leave for tour.


Son of Son of Man (2007)

Old Ghosts, those regrets find new homes in ones and zeroes
and they haunt me to this day.
Counteracting any revelation that my travels have revealed
nothing more than a joke.
With nothing more than more cheap jokes.
There was a whole lot of life to live before all those lives became
more than just a string of lies.
To feed our appetite.
Son of Son of Man and the ironic sarcastic refute.
Son of Son of Man and the testament of all thoughts little.
It dulls the spark begging all who dare dream back into denial
where so called “legends” drive mini vans and forgot
they could break and bleed
on the god damned floor and never feel so damn alive.
This, this life, this string of attempts to undermine your love.
To make it no more than a commodity, laughable at best.
Son of Son of Man, do your worst, do worse than me.
We’ll talk down the road.
Life as commerce is an unforgiving master
and lust is a bitch of a mistress.
Drifting in and out back and forth only by the strength of addiction.
And even now sucking the salt out of every word.
damnit, come on.
Prove me a fool, prove to me this is more than milk toast
attempts at easing our minds.
Numbing our drive for something that’s more.
More than ourselves.
More easily digested bites
More than something I could deliver.

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