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This one is for the coalesce history books

This is probably the single weirdest thing that has happened in our little history as a band.  Music reviewer Mark Prindle did an interview segment on Fox News’ “Red Eye”.  When asked if there was any band on the radar for “album of the year”, Mr. Prindle said our own Ox was the contender.  But then it got extra crazy and amazing.  I’m not going to ruin it for you, but skip to the 3:50 mark…

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Coalesce honored with BBC session invite in London.

 This one suprised us.  We were invited to record 4 songs at the BBC Maida Vale studios.  It was an amazing experience, and we got somd great takes.  Here is what was recorded

1. Through Sparrows I rest (unreleased oxep)
2. Wild Ox Moan (ox)
3. The Villain We Won’t Deny (ox)
4. The Purveyor of Novely and Nonsense (ox)

The first three have already aired and you can catch the show streaming right now by going HERE.  The last song will be airing the next show they do, and it’ll be posted at the same link.

Whoever made this happen for us, we can’t thank you enough, you gave us something seriously special to remember our time in this band by.


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The Year of the OX, 2009.

As of today, the record is complete and has been submitted to Relapse Records for international distribution, (including Vinyl format).  We’ve entitled the record “Ox” and it will include 14 new songs totaling roughly 35 minutes.  Ed Rose at Blacklodge Studios recorded and mixed the record, and Mike Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone mastered it.  The guys at Invisible Creature are presently finishing the artwork and packaging.  We’re hoping for a release date sometime between April and May.  The exact date will be made public as soon as we have one.

We are currently planning tours for each US coast as well as SXSW and some over seas jaunts.  We also plan on attending a few festivals in an effort to play in areas that may not fit into our tour schedules.

In an effort to make room for new Ox merchandise, Blue Collar Distro has discounted almost all of the stock available at our online store.  Many of our recent clothing designs are on sale, some at prices lower than cost.  If you have any interest, check it out HERE.

For those of you who have contacted us online or at our shows during the past year and half with encouragement regarding your anticipation of the record, we apologize for how long it has taken us to put it all together.  We sincerely appreciate all the support you have given us and we’re trying to do as much coalesce as our schedules will allow.



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For your consideration…

The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.


Newly uncovered Coalesce Wilkes-Barre footage

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Entire unedited A.P. article online now.

When A.P. decided to do an “oral history” of Coalesce, they chose long time fan Ryan J. Downey to do it.  I don’t think they expected a short novel on the band, as Ryan meticulously delivered to them.  The 35 pages needed to be condensed to 6, and much of the story was lost to no fault of A.P.

Well, Jason from A.P. and Ryan have both given us the go ahead to post the full article here on our own website.  You can click on the “History” tab at the top, or click right here.

A huge thanks to Jason and Ryan for letting us post this.  Any band should be so lucky to have such a thorough recount of their works history.  Thanks guys.

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Coalesce on “Turnpike” Television show

That’s right, our good buddy TVH, the host of Turpike did a feature on us, and it’s available to view online now. Head on over here now. Don’t miss the Frank Miller-esque, sin city, puke shot half way through. Amazing. It’s a long one, so get comfy.

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Coalesce gets 6 page feature in A.P. (alternative press) magazine.

ap_coalesce.jpgIt’s been a long time since Coalesce has been written about in A.P. (other than that whole Sean Ingram vs 18 visions nonsense), so you can imagine we were pretty stoked they chose us for this months issue to do an “oral history of”.  Good friend Ryan J. Downey did the questions, and a whole lot of them.  Every one was interviewed from the band, to 18 visions, to 108, to Frank Iero from My Chemical Romance about us.  Sadly, Pete Wentz was not (come on dude, Coalesce played with Racetraitor!).  Only a fraction of the full 32 page interview spanning from the old sXe days to the current tour made the cut, but we’re very proud how it came out.  Totally forgot about tree sap falling on Sean’s head and then him shaving it off instead of just cleaning it, haha, classic.  We just got out copy yesterday, so it should be on stands soon.  Look for some naked dudes called Chiodos on the cover.

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Somebody made a baby!

Congrats to our drummer, Nathan Richardson (aka Jr.), on the safe delivery of his first daughter, Adeline Sophia Richardson. Born April 11 at 2:13am. 9lbs, 7oz. She was born with an egg shaker in her right hand. Congratulations Nathan! Welcome to the Coalesce “father’s club”!

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Have you seen this Record?

As you can probably tell, I’ve been busy trying to get the data filled out for the “finally” Coalesce website. We changed the messageboard to look like the site, put in a history section, some free mp3s (like they aren’t all free on the interwebs today), and a Color Vinyl History page.

This is where we need some serious help. There is one record that we can’t seem to find any info on. It’s the “Among the dead we pray for light” split 7″ with Converge. There is no info on this record anywhere on the web, and the guy who put it out is MIA.

This is what I can remember about it. There were something like 10 colors of vinyl, and something like 100 of each color. Then it sold out in like a day, so they repressed it once, but threw in 100 on black vinyl. If anyone knows who used to run “life records”, or if anyone is friends with Converge, try to get me that info. Don’t bother trying Very Distro, they don’t seem to remember.

But please, if anyone has detail color vinyl pressing on this (there are 2 pressings), please forward it to me or post it on the comments to this post.




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