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Updated! Remix Wild Ox Moan, plus uploading instructions.

Relapse, Coalesce, and have teamed up to put together a contest we are really excited about.  Ed Rose has broken down the song “Wild Ox Moan” into several stem tracks ready for you to completely reinvent, and remix.  Here are the details on how to do this…

” Go HERE to the Coalesce remix page. If you’re not yet a member, click Signup in the top right corner of the page.  Provide your name, email and a password and you’ll soon be a member!  Once you’re a member, you can Ask to Join.  After you are accepted into the session, you can make comments, record, edit or upload a mix and more.  To start a mix using Indaba’s online recording software, click Record, Edit, Mix.  This will launch the Session Console. To access to the files for download, click on View All in the files section on the right.  In the actions bar next to each track, you can select  download.  And then you can go ahead and mix the tracks using your own music software. 

When you are all done, you should then upload your final track on the site itself by clicking on “upload files (see screenshot, click to enlarge)”


We’ve noticed that a lot of folks are uploading their mixes on their myspaces, and other new sharing media blogs.  That’s all good, but we would like to have all of the mixes in one place so we don’t have to hunt all over the net.  That is if you want to be in the drawing for the prizes.

Here is the list of prizes for the winning mixes.  Don’t write off those signed cd’s, Ingram drove over 3 hours getting them all signed :)
Prize List:

Grand (1):
-Remix track featured on Coalesce MySpace page + other networks
-OX T-Shirt
-Clear OX LP
-Signed OX CD
-1 year Platinum Indaba Membership
-Set of pro headphones courtesy of Blue Collar Distro
-Limited Edition Screen Printed Poster
-1 year Platinum Indaba Membership

1st (1)
-Signed OX CD
-OX T-Shirt

Runner Ups (10)
-Signed OX CD

Not familiar with Indaba music?  Indaba Music is a global community of over 250,000 musicians and technology that enables artists from 185 countries to create music together and manage their musical lives.  Members share, archive, and promote their music; learn from instrumental legends and industry vets; compete in interactive campaigns with major artists and connect and collaborate in online recording sessions, all using the service’s groundbreaking Digital Audio Workstation. In short, coalesce is the first heavy artist to have a featured session, and we couldn’t be more honored.

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Gnarly buy 1 get 1 free cd sale at

Hey, just a quick note that we got an email that there is a pretty rad buy 1 get 1 free cd sale at on relapse titles.  Good on new titles too.  Check it out here.

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The Year of the OX, 2009.

As of today, the record is complete and has been submitted to Relapse Records for international distribution, (including Vinyl format).  We’ve entitled the record “Ox” and it will include 14 new songs totaling roughly 35 minutes.  Ed Rose at Blacklodge Studios recorded and mixed the record, and Mike Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone mastered it.  The guys at Invisible Creature are presently finishing the artwork and packaging.  We’re hoping for a release date sometime between April and May.  The exact date will be made public as soon as we have one.

We are currently planning tours for each US coast as well as SXSW and some over seas jaunts.  We also plan on attending a few festivals in an effort to play in areas that may not fit into our tour schedules.

In an effort to make room for new Ox merchandise, Blue Collar Distro has discounted almost all of the stock available at our online store.  Many of our recent clothing designs are on sale, some at prices lower than cost.  If you have any interest, check it out HERE.

For those of you who have contacted us online or at our shows during the past year and half with encouragement regarding your anticipation of the record, we apologize for how long it has taken us to put it all together.  We sincerely appreciate all the support you have given us and we’re trying to do as much coalesce as our schedules will allow.



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Thank you so much…


Hello Folks, we promise to have some substantial news for you within the next 2 weeks about our new full length effort and how it’s going to go down, but in the meantime (pun intended), we wanted to let you know that we found 75 of the original (first pressing) give them rope records with no covers on them, so we came up with something creative for them. We put together a package that includes a limited slipmat, black label cover, and mylar sleeve. As an added bonus, 5 white versions were inserted randomly into the batch as chase versions if you feel so inclined. We are pretty confidant that there are no more coverless give them rope vinyl out there. It’s priced to move at $10.00 for the whole package, no limit, so please buy 75 of them.

We also wanted to let you know that the 2 new tshirts we took to florida are up on the site in all sizes. The eagle one that will probably earn you a black eye, and the stuntman mike one that will probably earn us a cease and desist letter. Or a black eye. Remember the skull skates shirt we did? That earned us a beating threat from the owner of said skate company.

And again, we know times are tough, and this is just stuff we are selling, but we appreciate your sales none the less. Due to the amazing support you guys have shown us through merch sales, we were able to embark on our new full length writing, and recording process independently. This is a big deal to us, and it honestly would not have happened without your support.

talk to you in a few weeks.

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The Hoodie you asked for.

Well, they are finally done and online for sale everyone. If you haven’t noticed, we are trying to tend to our store more this year as we are very close to raising the money we need to record our new full length record. We just kinda figured cool merch was the best way to go. Check the detail on the hoodies. The Coalesce Logo is actually on an embroidered logo at poker gambling gameonline poker tourno limit texas hold emfree video poker downloadfree online video poker gametexas hold em gamefree internet poker7 card stud highon line poker gamefree online multiplayer pokerinternet casino pokeromaha poker,omaha poker tip,omaha poker gamepoker onlineplay video pokerfree online poker gamefree texas holdem download7 card stud tournamentsfree video pokerdiscover credit card account,discover credit card account loginaccount card credit merchantcredit card loan consolidation calculatorapplication card credit unsecuredapply for visa credit cardvisa credit card numbersapplication card credit online visaapply card credit studentcard credit debt negotiationapplied bank card card creditge card services online creditcard consolidation credit uk,card consolidation credit debt uk,credit card consolidation ukcash back credit card,back card cash comparison credit,credit card cash back dealbank of america credit card,pay bank of america credit card,small business credit card bank of americaaccept account card credit merchantapplication aspire card credit,aspire credit card applicationcard credit free machineinstant approval credit card applicationdirect merchant bank credit card payment,direct merchant bank credit cardcard consolidation credit loan schoolamerica application bank card creditbest buy credit card online payment,best buy credit card,account best buy card creditcredit card debt negotiation,card credit debt negotiation settlement? ?,card credit debt negotiationchase credit card home page0 card credit interest uk,0 interest credit card,0 card credit free interestcredit card account businesscard credit machine processingcard credit online processing services,card credit online payment services,online credit card servicescard credit discover offer,discover credit card offercredit card consolidation best dealapplication card credit form visa,application card credit status visa,visa credit card applicationconsolidating credit card debt the bottom there. Full redone art for the arm prints, taken from the original source that the record was built from. Quite simply, this is the ultimate hoodie. Charcoal for men, and white for women. Quantities are kinda low on this first run due to the amount of work that has gone into them, so grab them while you can. We\’ll do our best to keep stock up. And again, we really want to apologize for the merch posts, but we get a lot of email about it, and it’s really a necessary evil for us to reach our goal of recording this year. thanks for all the support. You can get them by going HERE.coa-zh-002-full.jpgcoa-gh-002-full.jpgcoa-zh-002-04.jpg

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Coalesce Loves Alternative Apparel!


This is completely random, but Sean Ingram works at a Tshirt printing company (which he started when coalesce was broke up), and boxes show up all the time from Fruit of the Loom, American Apparel, Anvil, and ofcourse Alternative Apparel.  The only difference today is that Alternative Apparel sent a little note to coalesce today.  Well, we love you too!

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Coalesce gets 6 page feature in A.P. (alternative press) magazine.

ap_coalesce.jpgIt’s been a long time since Coalesce has been written about in A.P. (other than that whole Sean Ingram vs 18 visions nonsense), so you can imagine we were pretty stoked they chose us for this months issue to do an “oral history of”.  Good friend Ryan J. Downey did the questions, and a whole lot of them.  Every one was interviewed from the band, to 18 visions, to 108, to Frank Iero from My Chemical Romance about us.  Sadly, Pete Wentz was not (come on dude, Coalesce played with Racetraitor!).  Only a fraction of the full 32 page interview spanning from the old sXe days to the current tour made the cut, but we’re very proud how it came out.  Totally forgot about tree sap falling on Sean’s head and then him shaving it off instead of just cleaning it, haha, classic.  We just got out copy yesterday, so it should be on stands soon.  Look for some naked dudes called Chiodos on the cover.

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That don’t make no sense


Ladies and Gentlemen, the talented Jes Steineger!

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A big thank you to everyone who came out…

We would like to sincerely thank everyone for coming out to our shows these past two weeks; especially those of you who traveled great distances. We’re grateful that people consider what we’re doing to be worth supporting and can only hope that coalesce met that support with something that’s unique to its name. It was by far the most invigorating and fun-filled coalesce tour to date (not one fight amongst ourselves the entire trip; this has to be a good sign!). We’d especially like to thank Spencer Benevides and Dan Askew for helping out with the grunt work, and the excellent bands we were lucky enough to play with: the Daughters, See You Next Tuesday, Rocket Fuel is the Key, and This is My Condition. Our hope is that each show provided the context for everyone to have as much fun as we did.

The “plan” (and remember that this word is extremely ambiguous for us) is to re-acclimate to our normal lives so as to heal our bodies and begin writing a new record. Things are in motion so as to pull off some shows out West, since we still regret that we were unable to include any west coast dates in the past two weeks’ worth of shows (our wives and children would have killed us if we had tried to take a single day more away from home! Or maybe that’s just an excuse for the fact that we’re getting older and it’s not as easy as it used to be for us to endure what a string of coalesce shows amounts to physically). We will make the announcements if or once things are solidified for shows in the West, but we don’t expect to be able to pull anything off in 2007. Early 2008 seems more likely at this point.

Again, thanks so much to everyone for being apart of the coalesce event these past couple weeks…

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A little nerding out before the release.

So, most of you know that I’m a big apple fan, and general tech nerd. Well, I sold my beloved Pismo, and iPod to boot to get an iPhone before tour (I can’t imagine not ever getting lost on tour again). I went ahead and put together a Coalesce: Salt and Passage wallpaper for the phone. Just click on it, and download that puppy. Also, if there are any other Mac or computer nerds out there, you might like to check out a line of tshirts I have been working on that finally launched. It’s called Indie tech, and you can check it out right here! Real news coming on August 1st, till then…

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