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Lyrics for “Salt and Passage” posted on “lyrics” page

Head on over if you want to take a read of what is being screamed on the new 7″!  They are the last 2 songs on the bottom.  Titled “Son of Son of Man”, and “I am this.”

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Somebody made a baby!

Congrats to our drummer, Nathan Richardson (aka Jr.), on the safe delivery of his first daughter, Adeline Sophia Richardson. Born April 11 at 2:13am. 9lbs, 7oz. She was born with an egg shaker in her right hand. Congratulations Nathan! Welcome to the Coalesce “father’s club”!

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Where the hell is James Dewees these days?

jamesnosomking.jpgI just hung out with James Dewees, Robbie Pope, Burton Parker and the guys from My Chemical Romance. Apparently James has joined MCR on the road as, guess what? You guessed it, a “for hire” keyboard player. I can’t tell you how “at home” he looked dressed up in make up, and costumes and such. I can’t pretend to really understand the My Chemical Romance phenomenon, as it’s in the stratosphere as popularity is concerned. But I can say that it was very dramatic, very tight, and very over the top. We are talking fireworks, blimps, and Gerard being wheeled out on a freakin gurney for one of the numbers. Amazing.

So, by now the rumors are out there, and there is a lot of truth to them. Even the thread on couldn’t survive with a large helping of it. Yes it’s true that Dewees has battled drugs for the last couple of years. Yes that drug was Cocaine. But what isn’t mentioned is that James has successfully completed rehab in New York at the insistance of his new wife (whom I don’t even know her name). The James I saw the other night was the James I remember in the Coalesce days. He was alert, he was focused, he was in good spirits, and generally coherant. What’s more is he was more than willing to accept responsibility for all the rotten things that have gone down as a result of his behavior on drugs. I for one am very proud of him, and feel like I got a friend back.

The news on the Reggie record is that one was already completed but rejected by his label for being too heavy, or “not reggie like”. This is just one side of the story, but what was conveyed. He is apparently working on a second record for release that fits the bill for Vagrant. He is apparently on tour for the rest of the year for MCR.

If you are taking your girlfriend to one of these shows, try to say hi to him, he loves Coalesce fans with a passion!-Sean


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