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Latest song “I am this.” now up at our virb page!

Myspace has had a problem with our music page for several days now, and we have not been able to upload our second song off of our 7″. If you head over to, it’s up. It’s at the bottom of the music player. Enjoy!

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First song off of our new 7″ “Salt and Passage” available to view at our myspace now.

The first song off our new 7″ was just uploaded tonight. Check it out now.
the second song off our 7″ will be appearing before we leave for tour.


Son of Son of Man (2007)

Old Ghosts, those regrets find new homes in ones and zeroes
and they haunt me to this day.
Counteracting any revelation that my travels have revealed
nothing more than a joke.
With nothing more than more cheap jokes.
There was a whole lot of life to live before all those lives became
more than just a string of lies.
To feed our appetite.
Son of Son of Man and the ironic sarcastic refute.
Son of Son of Man and the testament of all thoughts little.
It dulls the spark begging all who dare dream back into denial
where so called “legends” drive mini vans and forgot
they could break and bleed
on the god damned floor and never feel so damn alive.
This, this life, this string of attempts to undermine your love.
To make it no more than a commodity, laughable at best.
Son of Son of Man, do your worst, do worse than me.
We’ll talk down the road.
Life as commerce is an unforgiving master
and lust is a bitch of a mistress.
Drifting in and out back and forth only by the strength of addiction.
And even now sucking the salt out of every word.
damnit, come on.
Prove me a fool, prove to me this is more than milk toast
attempts at easing our minds.
Numbing our drive for something that’s more.
More than ourselves.
More easily digested bites
More than something I could deliver.

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Lyrics for “Salt and Passage” posted on “lyrics” page

Head on over if you want to take a read of what is being screamed on the new 7″!  They are the last 2 songs on the bottom.  Titled “Son of Son of Man”, and “I am this.”

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Coalesce vocal sessions Part 2.

imgp0906.JPGThe second round of vocals went way better than I had hoped. We started at 9:00 am, and even with me and Ed Rose locking ourselves out of the studio, we made good time. Good thing that hammer and screwdriver was close, we took that mug of it’s hinges. I focused only on the fast tune since the beginning part was throwing me off so bad. The thing is, I couldn’t figure out why this beginning part was so hard to nail. I figured if I could make Give them Rope come together it would be a piece of cake. But the thing is, these new songs aren’t a wall of sound, so just blasting in 5/5 wasn’t going to do it. It wasn’t enough to fit some vocals, it had to move with the song and be as dynamic as the riff itself. No short order, but after a couple of weeks of rewriting lyrics, and vocal patterns, it came out better than I could possibly hope. When Jes compliments something I do, I know that I nailed it.

We settled on a title for the project, and it’s titled “Salt and Passage”. In short it’s a commentary on transition in one’s life, spiritually . Track titles are “Son of son of Man”, and “I am this”. We are still working on the video portion of this project, and think we have it all figured out, but I simply have been focusing on the lyrics and excercising my lungs so that the recording time goes smoothly. I have come to grips that I am 32. This didn’t use to be hard. But the payoff seems to be much greater now when the songs get completed.

The resinging of “thank you” and “that’s the way” for the repress/compilation of all covers for “There is nothing new under the sun” is finally mixed and put to bed. Hydrahead will be putting that on the calender soon enough. It’s the original Zeplin record, but with all the stray covers we did on seven inches combined with new art by Aaron Turner. It’s so exciting not to cringe when I hear those soft songs with those awfully sung lyrics. It’ll be a shock to most who are used to the old versions. Again, the old versions will be included on the Cd. I doubt that vinyl will be done for this record again, but that’s going to be a HH decision.

Click one to hear a sample.
That’s the Way
Thank you

The final song is going to be completed this month on the 30th, and then we move on 100% onto the video portion and the book part of the release. It’s going to actually happen, after so many Coalesce release failures, it’s so gratifying that this one is going to happen in a timely manner.

On a side note, I was a litigant on the People’s Court Tv show last year suing a manager for ripping me off, long story short, I went down in flames, but you can see it on 4/18/07. Check your local listings for People’s Court, and have a laugh. I wasn’t!



Coalesce vocal sessions Part 1.

Well, I got the lyrics done, and I’m pretty excited about where they went, and were they could possibly go in the future if we are fortunate enough to get to write again. Both have the theme of “salt” in them. They are very transitional from the standard angry, pissed off at the world lyrics of old coalesce days, to the more reserved yet directed narrative of my writing today.

I went in and recorded with Ed Rose, and we got the resinging track of “that’s the way” done. It’s much better, I’m not embarassed to listen to the track anymore. We’ll keep the original takes on the repress for you die hards though. We aren’t trying to go all George Lucas on you, but I did want to correct the horrendous job I did on those 2 Zeplin songs.

I got through the first new song as well, but was very unhappy with my performance. My back is not as strong as it used to be when I was more vocally active. It’s very alarming to realize that 30 is indeed old. In my defense, I was screaming non stop for 3 hours. I lost strength, and decided to pack it in and start from scratch on several of the vocal arrangements. The great news is that the new date will allow Nate and Jes to be in the studio with me all at once. Something that hasn’t happened since Functioning on Impatience I believe.

I’ve pretty much settled on the song titles as “Son of Son of Man” b/w “I am this”. I’ll have more to report on the 19th of next month.

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Lyrics coming along better than expected

maxxrox2.jpgFebruary is upon us and it’s almost time for me to go meet with ed, and drop the vocals on the 2 new songs, one of the slow zeplin songs for the reprint of that record on Hydrahead, and possibly a few other ideas the Coalesce guys are kicking around in our email chains.

We plan on posting lyrics as soon as they are finalized, and maybe a couple few second clips to hear a sample of where this newfound creativity ended up.  In short, the lyrics have been a problem as it’s hard to pick 2 topics that represent where I’m at right now.  It’s either too much story, and not enough songs, or the topics that can be condensed are really a worthless pursuit anyways. We finally picked a theme, and I couldn’t be more stoked on it, and now the writing process is coming naturally again like it did with “a safe place”.  Oh, and that opening pattern on “song 1″ is 3/3/4/3/5.  It only took me 3 weeks to figure it out since it moved like a 4/4 in my head.

More of the 7″/book/dvd info to come in the next few weeks.

-Sean (oh, and that’s our newest, “the maxx” up there)

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