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Coalesce DVD available online NOW! Plus new T-shirts.


After 8 years of promising that this thing would see the light, it’s finally here. Volume 1 (maybe the only volume) of the coalesce DIY dvd archiving project the band has undertaken is finally for sale without having to dodge a drum or a microphone stand in person. There are 15 shows on the project on 4 dvdrs. These were hand assembled by the band and their kids, and the cover is silkscreened packaging. Comes with 4 discs, a sticker, and a fold out insert with some rad old flyers (check out the hydrahead productions #3 one!).

Note that there was a file error when making this before tour, and there was not time to go back and fix it before we left for tour, so in short there are 3 different packages for this. There is the blue ones as pictured which includes a few typos that Sean is more than a little embarrased about, and there is also a red and army green one with fixed said typos. So do your ebay math (error + fixed = i should buy this). All in good fun guys, all in good fun, we’d rather you enjoyed our stuff instead of resold it. Get it now while they last, production on this thing is limited.


This just in too, there are limited supplies of the new coalesce tshirt designs we took out on the road to. The first one is of the 7″ cover, it’s a salt pattern. Youtube “salt” and “soundwave” and you get the idea of what that is. It’s not a leapord print. The second one is an Aaron Turner original, and printed in silver ink. And the last one is a complete rework of the FOI idea, instead this time using the ribcage of a fetus. You can grab them all right here.


Latest song “I am this.” now up at our virb page!

Myspace has had a problem with our music page for several days now, and we have not been able to upload our second song off of our 7″. If you head over to, it’s up. It’s at the bottom of the music player. Enjoy!

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Salt and Passage 7″ preorder launched today!

Second Nature has launched the preorder for the new Coalesce 7″ “Salt and Passage”. There have been a lot of emails about how to get the limited vinyl, and what color vinyl, and all that…well, this is the best way to get ahold of them, and you can choose which color, weight, and packaging you want. There is also a limited edition t-shirt that is bundled with the package. We will only be making the shirts for the people who order, then it will be discontinued.

Click image to take you to the preorder now.


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Trailer for upcoming Coalesce archive dvd

The Coalesce archival dvd release is upon us. The covers are coming in soon, and the dvd slips have been hand cut and hand embossed by Sean and his Daughters. In short we are pretty excited about this very hand made project. The packaging is a silkscreened digipack that is 1/2″ thick, and all 4 discs, insert, and sticker slide into. Some of the audio on some of the shows is not ideal, but we are talking about footage from 1995. None of the shows are edited, it’s full sets, with chapter marks at each new song. Some of the shows are cut short due to batteries dying or whatever, but we are hard at work at digging up more old footage for future archival. If anyone has anything not on this list, please get in touch with us! The price for this package is going to be $25.00 at our shows, and it may show up at mom and pop stores in October. Here is a full list of what is on the disc

Howards, Wichita, Ks: 2/25/95: 13 minutes
Daily Grind, Kansas City, Mo: 7/29/95: 29 minutes
Estabon’s, Kansas City, Mo: 10/7/96: 12 minutes
Michigan Fest, Wayne, Mi: 3/27/1997: 29 minutes
total running time for disc 1: 83 minutes

Wilkes Barre Fest, Wilkes Barre, Pa: 6/28/97: 5 minutes
Fireside Bowl, Chicago, Il: 9/3/97: 34 minutes
Basement Show, Minneapolis, Mn: 2/23/98: 27 minutes
Ice House, Baltimore, Md: 4/18/98: 33 minutes
total running time for disc 2: 99 minutes

Twisters, Richmond, Va: 11/4/98: 8 minutes
Melody Bar, New Brunswick, Nj: 11/7/98: 34 minutes
M.I.T, Pittsburgh, Pa:11/11/98: 35 minutes
Basement Show, Salt Lake City, Ut: 11/19/98: 31 minutes
total running time for disc 3: 108 minutes

Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, Pa: 8/19/05: 44 minutes
Granada, Lawrence, Kansas: 9/10/05: 49 minutes
total running time for disc 4: 93 minutes

Total running time for all 4 discs combined: 6 hours, 23 minutes

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Zeplin repress art revealed, and date pushed back a tad.

zeplin repress cover artWe just got word that the Zeplin “there is nothing new under the sun +” repress of the record is going to be pushed back to August 21. Apparently, Aaron Turner and company have given this thing a ridiculous packaging treatment. I’ve seen the pdf’s, but I still don’t understand how the hell this thing is being put together, I can just tell it looks totally rad.  I got confirmation also that vinyl is indeed going to happen for this release, but most likely a few months down the road.  The jpeg up there in the left is indeed the album cover art. Please note that we will have full stock of these things on the road with us, so if you can’t wait till the street date, come to the show! Tracklist follows…

“There is Nothing New Under the Sun” Tracklist:
1. Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin)
2. Heartbreaker (Led Zeppelin)
3. Black Dog (Led Zeppelin)
4. Out on the Tiles (Led Zeppelin)
5. Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin)
6. That’s the Way (Led Zeppelin)
7. Thank You (Led Zeppelin)
8. I’m Giving Up On This One (The Get Up Kids)
9. Vehicle (Boy Sets Fire)
10. In The Wilderness (Boy Sets Fire)
11. Bob Junior (Coalesce original)
12. Supernaut (Black Sabbath)
13. Cutting Away
14. That’s The Way Redux (Led Zeppelin)
15. Thank You Redux (Led Zeppelin)


The cat is out of the bag. Coalesce to tour East Coast, and couple Regional shows.



In 2005, coalesce attempted to play the ill-fated Hellfest as a way to bury personal hatchets, and put some closure to something that held so much history and memories for them. A problem arose once rehearsals began since, unexpectedly but perhaps inevitably, new music emerged. Since this occurred after the Hellfest show was booked, the market had already dictated this as a restrospective stint with closure culminating in a final show.

After the skeletons of a couple new songs were built, the band flirted with different ideas as to how to preserve the “conclusion” of coalesce, while yet pursuing wherever the new tunes might lead. This ultimately proved silly. It was clear that the new songs were coalesce, despite a new member and some tinkering with the sound. Despite the potential backlash for perpetuating their reputation of dis- and re- banding, coalesce decided to stay coalesce, an open-ended project intent on moving forward without looking back.

Instead of looking at coalesce as a second career or some ego-stroking project to prove something within modern music, it is being held closely and personally by the members as their time to put aside familial duties, work, school, or whatnot, and simply “do it.” In short, we just want to hang out together again and play our shows out of a peculiar love for doing so (in all it’s ugly purity).

The new 7″, Salt and Passage, is the first release since the Relapse record 012: Revolution… Salt and Passage is finished and ready for absorption in the market. This will coincide with an East Coast/Midwest stint in August. Coalesce will be touring with The Daughters (Hydra Head), and See You Next Tuesday (Ferret) on the East Coast dates (including Chicago) and This is My Condition in the Midwest. Full dates and details are listed below. Please let us make it very clear that this is not a “reunion” tour in any way shape or form. Since it’s simply the nature of coalesce to come and go as it pleases, terms like “reunion” make no sense when applied to it.

The Line up will be Jes Steineger, Nathan Richardson, Nathan Ellis and Sean Ingram. The same as 2005, the same as recorded. The current line up.

Coalesce will have Salt and Passage available exclusively on tour before its official release date on September 11. Also available on the tour prior to their respective street dates will be the new dvd box set No Business in this Business and the re-press of the Hydra Head release There is Nothig New Under the Sun.

For more information, please visit coalesce’s website, or email the band at smingram(at) For questions about booking, or this tour in general, please contact Matt Pike at The Kenmore Agency.

More information will be posted as it becomes available

8/15/07 The Palladium Upstairs, Worcester, MA: TICKETS

8/16/07 First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, PA: TICKETS

8/17/07 Knitting Factory, NYC, NY: TICKETS

8/18/07 Otto Bar, Baltimore, MD: TICKETS

8/19/07 Alley Katz, Richmond, VA: TICKETS

8/20/07 Lawrenceville Moose, Pittsburgh, PA: TICKETS

8/21/07 Magic Stick, Detroit, MI: TICKETS

8/22/07 Arlington Heights Knights of Columbus / Chicago, Il: TICKETS

8/23/07 Picador, Iowa City, IA: TICKETS

8/24/07 Sokol Underground, Omaha, NE: TICKETS

8/25/07 Bottleneck, Lawrence, KS: TICKETS


Lyrics for “Salt and Passage” posted on “lyrics” page

Head on over if you want to take a read of what is being screamed on the new 7″!  They are the last 2 songs on the bottom.  Titled “Son of Son of Man”, and “I am this.”

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7″, DVD box set, and Zeplin details.

It’s been a while since an update, but only because we have been super busy lining up some things, and drastically changing some things.  I recently got pneumonia, so my body has slowed down enough to go through all these updates and organize them for you guys.

saltpassage.jpgFirst up is the new 7″.  Our plans ended up changing every day as to what made the most sense for this release.  It is drastically different from what was originally reported, but the next paragraph tackles those things left out.  First off, it is no longer going to be a book/retrospect project.  It’s being treated as a new release all on it’s own merit, moving into the future as a band.  Instead of being several things we’ve always wanted to do crammed into one package, it’s being split up so each project makes sense.  So, the 7″ is a 7″.  It will come in a screen printed gatefold package (printed on black heavyweight card stock), and heavy weight vinyl grades, along with several unique colors of vinyl.  There will also be limited color combos of the printed cover.  The release date for stores is September 11, 2007.  It will not come on cd format, but will be released on itunes in october.  So 7″ vinyl, and digital only release.

coalescedvd.jpgSince we decided to go this route with the 7″ release, we were left over with this coalesce footage that’s I’ve had for years.  We thought about editing it together for a “dvd release” on a label, or even thought about canibalizing it and adding some footage here and there on new represses or cds that have been out of print. What ultimately made sense based on the visual and audio quality of the fooage, was to archive every show, and make a box set that includes every show we have available in it’s entirety.  This is what we did.  This box set is going to be a self release and available only at live shows and on our online store.  We have finished all of the footage gathering, the cleaning, the digitizing, etc, so it will to be released in late August/ early September.  Seth at has done a great job organizing all 15 or so shows into 4 discs, complete with a menu for each show, and chapter points for each song on each show.  The title of this release is “No Business in this Business”.  Some of you will see the footage we have and say “hey, I have a show that’s not on this”.  We did not include any 2002 shows, but if you have any shows that are not on the box set, please send me a clean copy.  I would love to capture all shows ever on this, but since it’s not possible, I have set it up to be in volumes.  So this is volume 1, and if we get more footage to surface, then a volume 2 will happen.  If not, then only one volume.

There have been some questions about Coalesce merch.  Right now the store is where it’s going to be at for the next couple month.  We have retired logo tees and ribcage merch from live shows, but are letting them find a home on the merch store.  We have even been printing girls shirts for both.  We have 2 new Aaron Turner designs coming to the coalesce/hydrahead shop in september, and a couple of other new designs we have been working on.  If there is something any of you want to see in the store, as always, please let me know.  But keep in mind some art doesn’t exist anymore, or some shirts I was threatened with a beating for doing (skull skates parody).

The last item is the “There is nothing new under the sun +” cd/lp is still on course for an August release.  I have seen a mock of the cover Aaron Turner did, and I’m more than stoked!  Again, this reprint of the record contains the Zeplin disc, and all the scattered 7″ songs and covers we have done over the year.

So that is the latest updates on all the things we have planned for August, save for one other big one.  When that one gets settled we’ll post it asap.  Thanks for checking in!


Coalesce vocal sessions Part 2.

imgp0906.JPGThe second round of vocals went way better than I had hoped. We started at 9:00 am, and even with me and Ed Rose locking ourselves out of the studio, we made good time. Good thing that hammer and screwdriver was close, we took that mug of it’s hinges. I focused only on the fast tune since the beginning part was throwing me off so bad. The thing is, I couldn’t figure out why this beginning part was so hard to nail. I figured if I could make Give them Rope come together it would be a piece of cake. But the thing is, these new songs aren’t a wall of sound, so just blasting in 5/5 wasn’t going to do it. It wasn’t enough to fit some vocals, it had to move with the song and be as dynamic as the riff itself. No short order, but after a couple of weeks of rewriting lyrics, and vocal patterns, it came out better than I could possibly hope. When Jes compliments something I do, I know that I nailed it.

We settled on a title for the project, and it’s titled “Salt and Passage”. In short it’s a commentary on transition in one’s life, spiritually . Track titles are “Son of son of Man”, and “I am this”. We are still working on the video portion of this project, and think we have it all figured out, but I simply have been focusing on the lyrics and excercising my lungs so that the recording time goes smoothly. I have come to grips that I am 32. This didn’t use to be hard. But the payoff seems to be much greater now when the songs get completed.

The resinging of “thank you” and “that’s the way” for the repress/compilation of all covers for “There is nothing new under the sun” is finally mixed and put to bed. Hydrahead will be putting that on the calender soon enough. It’s the original Zeplin record, but with all the stray covers we did on seven inches combined with new art by Aaron Turner. It’s so exciting not to cringe when I hear those soft songs with those awfully sung lyrics. It’ll be a shock to most who are used to the old versions. Again, the old versions will be included on the Cd. I doubt that vinyl will be done for this record again, but that’s going to be a HH decision.

Click one to hear a sample.
That’s the Way
Thank you

The final song is going to be completed this month on the 30th, and then we move on 100% onto the video portion and the book part of the release. It’s going to actually happen, after so many Coalesce release failures, it’s so gratifying that this one is going to happen in a timely manner.

On a side note, I was a litigant on the People’s Court Tv show last year suing a manager for ripping me off, long story short, I went down in flames, but you can see it on 4/18/07. Check your local listings for People’s Court, and have a laugh. I wasn’t!



Coalesce vocal sessions Part 1.

Well, I got the lyrics done, and I’m pretty excited about where they went, and were they could possibly go in the future if we are fortunate enough to get to write again. Both have the theme of “salt” in them. They are very transitional from the standard angry, pissed off at the world lyrics of old coalesce days, to the more reserved yet directed narrative of my writing today.

I went in and recorded with Ed Rose, and we got the resinging track of “that’s the way” done. It’s much better, I’m not embarassed to listen to the track anymore. We’ll keep the original takes on the repress for you die hards though. We aren’t trying to go all George Lucas on you, but I did want to correct the horrendous job I did on those 2 Zeplin songs.

I got through the first new song as well, but was very unhappy with my performance. My back is not as strong as it used to be when I was more vocally active. It’s very alarming to realize that 30 is indeed old. In my defense, I was screaming non stop for 3 hours. I lost strength, and decided to pack it in and start from scratch on several of the vocal arrangements. The great news is that the new date will allow Nate and Jes to be in the studio with me all at once. Something that hasn’t happened since Functioning on Impatience I believe.

I’ve pretty much settled on the song titles as “Son of Son of Man” b/w “I am this”. I’ll have more to report on the 19th of next month.

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