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Coalesce vocal sessions Part 1.

Well, I got the lyrics done, and I’m pretty excited about where they went, and were they could possibly go in the future if we are fortunate enough to get to write again. Both have the theme of “salt” in them. They are very transitional from the standard angry, pissed off at the world lyrics of old coalesce days, to the more reserved yet directed narrative of my writing today.

I went in and recorded with Ed Rose, and we got the resinging track of “that’s the way” done. It’s much better, I’m not embarassed to listen to the track anymore. We’ll keep the original takes on the repress for you die hards though. We aren’t trying to go all George Lucas on you, but I did want to correct the horrendous job I did on those 2 Zeplin songs.

I got through the first new song as well, but was very unhappy with my performance. My back is not as strong as it used to be when I was more vocally active. It’s very alarming to realize that 30 is indeed old. In my defense, I was screaming non stop for 3 hours. I lost strength, and decided to pack it in and start from scratch on several of the vocal arrangements. The great news is that the new date will allow Nate and Jes to be in the studio with me all at once. Something that hasn’t happened since Functioning on Impatience I believe.

I’ve pretty much settled on the song titles as “Son of Son of Man” b/w “I am this”. I’ll have more to report on the 19th of next month.

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Vinyl History finally complete!

Hey, thanks to everyone who emailed in with the vinyl history for the Converge/Coalesce info. Especially Caroline and Tami! I got an email from Jake Bannon (Converge), Dan Askew (Second Nature), some guy at Very Distro, and a few others I thought would know the answer, but ultimately no one could remember. Even I didn’t know, and I used to have all that stuff memorized. I did get an email from John Dudeck at Edison, and he had an idea of what it was, but when the 2 girls emailed, it all came together. Thanks so much!

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Lyrics coming along better than expected

maxxrox2.jpgFebruary is upon us and it’s almost time for me to go meet with ed, and drop the vocals on the 2 new songs, one of the slow zeplin songs for the reprint of that record on Hydrahead, and possibly a few other ideas the Coalesce guys are kicking around in our email chains.

We plan on posting lyrics as soon as they are finalized, and maybe a couple few second clips to hear a sample of where this newfound creativity ended up.  In short, the lyrics have been a problem as it’s hard to pick 2 topics that represent where I’m at right now.  It’s either too much story, and not enough songs, or the topics that can be condensed are really a worthless pursuit anyways. We finally picked a theme, and I couldn’t be more stoked on it, and now the writing process is coming naturally again like it did with “a safe place”.  Oh, and that opening pattern on “song 1″ is 3/3/4/3/5.  It only took me 3 weeks to figure it out since it moved like a 4/4 in my head.

More of the 7″/book/dvd info to come in the next few weeks.

-Sean (oh, and that’s our newest, “the maxx” up there)

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Have you seen this Record?

As you can probably tell, I’ve been busy trying to get the data filled out for the “finally” Coalesce website. We changed the messageboard to look like the site, put in a history section, some free mp3s (like they aren’t all free on the interwebs today), and a Color Vinyl History page.

This is where we need some serious help. There is one record that we can’t seem to find any info on. It’s the “Among the dead we pray for light” split 7″ with Converge. There is no info on this record anywhere on the web, and the guy who put it out is MIA.

This is what I can remember about it. There were something like 10 colors of vinyl, and something like 100 of each color. Then it sold out in like a day, so they repressed it once, but threw in 100 on black vinyl. If anyone knows who used to run “life records”, or if anyone is friends with Converge, try to get me that info. Don’t bother trying Very Distro, they don’t seem to remember.

But please, if anyone has detail color vinyl pressing on this (there are 2 pressings), please forward it to me or post it on the comments to this post.




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