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7″, DVD box set, and Zeplin details.

It’s been a while since an update, but only because we have been super busy lining up some things, and drastically changing some things.  I recently got pneumonia, so my body has slowed down enough to go through all these updates and organize them for you guys.

saltpassage.jpgFirst up is the new 7″.  Our plans ended up changing every day as to what made the most sense for this release.  It is drastically different from what was originally reported, but the next paragraph tackles those things left out.  First off, it is no longer going to be a book/retrospect project.  It’s being treated as a new release all on it’s own merit, moving into the future as a band.  Instead of being several things we’ve always wanted to do crammed into one package, it’s being split up so each project makes sense.  So, the 7″ is a 7″.  It will come in a screen printed gatefold package (printed on black heavyweight card stock), and heavy weight vinyl grades, along with several unique colors of vinyl.  There will also be limited color combos of the printed cover.  The release date for stores is September 11, 2007.  It will not come on cd format, but will be released on itunes in october.  So 7″ vinyl, and digital only release.

coalescedvd.jpgSince we decided to go this route with the 7″ release, we were left over with this coalesce footage that’s I’ve had for years.  We thought about editing it together for a “dvd release” on a label, or even thought about canibalizing it and adding some footage here and there on new represses or cds that have been out of print. What ultimately made sense based on the visual and audio quality of the fooage, was to archive every show, and make a box set that includes every show we have available in it’s entirety.  This is what we did.  This box set is going to be a self release and available only at live shows and on our online store.  We have finished all of the footage gathering, the cleaning, the digitizing, etc, so it will to be released in late August/ early September.  Seth at has done a great job organizing all 15 or so shows into 4 discs, complete with a menu for each show, and chapter points for each song on each show.  The title of this release is “No Business in this Business”.  Some of you will see the footage we have and say “hey, I have a show that’s not on this”.  We did not include any 2002 shows, but if you have any shows that are not on the box set, please send me a clean copy.  I would love to capture all shows ever on this, but since it’s not possible, I have set it up to be in volumes.  So this is volume 1, and if we get more footage to surface, then a volume 2 will happen.  If not, then only one volume.

There have been some questions about Coalesce merch.  Right now the store is where it’s going to be at for the next couple month.  We have retired logo tees and ribcage merch from live shows, but are letting them find a home on the merch store.  We have even been printing girls shirts for both.  We have 2 new Aaron Turner designs coming to the coalesce/hydrahead shop in september, and a couple of other new designs we have been working on.  If there is something any of you want to see in the store, as always, please let me know.  But keep in mind some art doesn’t exist anymore, or some shirts I was threatened with a beating for doing (skull skates parody).

The last item is the “There is nothing new under the sun +” cd/lp is still on course for an August release.  I have seen a mock of the cover Aaron Turner did, and I’m more than stoked!  Again, this reprint of the record contains the Zeplin disc, and all the scattered 7″ songs and covers we have done over the year.

So that is the latest updates on all the things we have planned for August, save for one other big one.  When that one gets settled we’ll post it asap.  Thanks for checking in!


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