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This one is for the coalesce history books

This is probably the single weirdest thing that has happened in our little history as a band.  Music reviewer Mark Prindle did an interview segment on Fox News’ “Red Eye”.  When asked if there was any band on the radar for “album of the year”, Mr. Prindle said our own Ox was the contender.  But then it got extra crazy and amazing.  I’m not going to ruin it for you, but skip to the 3:50 mark…

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OX going into 2nd press soon, get last of 1st press now.


“Already?”, that’s what we thought too.  But it’s true, ox is going into second press with a low number, and we still have our share of the (1st press) vinyl since we’ve been in Europe this whole time.  We have all versions available to the public online now.  We lowered the price and are even throwing in some freebies to sweaten the deal.

Cd: There was a mishap with some of the cutting on the Art set.  Sean wanted some bookmarks for himself, and just kinda kept making them until he ran out of thread.  they turned out beautiful.  Cd and bookmark are only $12.00.  Get it HERE.

Lp: There were a few test prints left over of the artset, and enough to include 2 random prints with each Lp.  Vinyl and art prints together are now only $18.00. Get it HERE.

European Merch designs: We only had a handful of shirts left over so we opted to take them home.  These are the 3 designs that we had on sale in Europe and England.  They are printed on Gildan ringspun tees and ink is discharge.  Get them HERE.

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Iphone Nerdsville

These were posted a month ago, but seeing Micah’s amazing interpretation of the Ox art got me reminded to post this again.  If you have an iphone, and want to sport some coalesce ox art by Don Clark, Please point your browser HERE, I uploaded a ton in a folder for you.

Don’t miss this amazing wallpaper by good friend Micah Smith.  You can also buy the hand silkscreened poster of this art here if you are so inclined.   As for the iphone wallpaper below, right click, save as, put on phone and live it.


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Coalesce honored with BBC session invite in London.

 This one suprised us.  We were invited to record 4 songs at the BBC Maida Vale studios.  It was an amazing experience, and we got somd great takes.  Here is what was recorded

1. Through Sparrows I rest (unreleased oxep)
2. Wild Ox Moan (ox)
3. The Villain We Won’t Deny (ox)
4. The Purveyor of Novely and Nonsense (ox)

The first three have already aired and you can catch the show streaming right now by going HERE.  The last song will be airing the next show they do, and it’ll be posted at the same link.

Whoever made this happen for us, we can’t thank you enough, you gave us something seriously special to remember our time in this band by.


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Terrorizer interviews Ingram at Hellfest. Looks akward, not used to metal girls.

At Hellfest in france, or the thunderdome as the band lovingly refers, Terrorizer interviewed Ingram for their site.  The following happened…

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Pitchfork Media feature: “metalcore” not mentioned once (thanks!)

We wanted to turn your attention to a very cool article that one of our favorite music sites recently did for OX, pitchfork media.   We forgot how many times during a promotion cycle that you get the same questions.  No command V used here.


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