One time only “Gas Jackets” online now, and other tidbits.

Hey Folks, just a few updates as the busy holiday season has snuck up on us.

First off, we have restocked our online store, and added a one time run, limited edition of Gas Jackets with the iconic looking salt art on them. There are not many of these made, and they are not being made again, so I would grab one quick. They are priced low, and if you remember how bands used to print their art on used gas jackets, then you’ll know how rad these things are. Ofcourse no one in the band can wear one, as they would be nicknamed “Captain Coalesce” as Sean was back when. You can buy a jacket by clicking HERE.

Relapse Records is also Reissuing the 0:12 Revolution in Just Listening record with new Mastering, and all new packaging. We are in love with Dan Henks original painting (plus the band just plain loves that guy personally), and it is included in the new packaging, but to breathe new life into this out of print LP, Band friends, the Clarks (from Invisible Creature and Demon Hunter), are doing a complete rework of the concept from the ground up. When they asked Sean what he wanted to see, the answer was “Do your thing, I have no input”. So you know this thing is going to rule if Sean trusts them enough to represent the band with no interference. They recently did the new Foo Fighters artwork, so I know you’ve seen their work. Expect the repress early next year, as all the deadlines are mid December to get it in to the label.

If you haven’t gotten a Salt and Passage 7″ yet, now is the time to do so, it’s almost out of press, and when they are gone, that’s it. It was a low pressing of 7″‘s to begin with, so don’t say we didn’t warn you. After that, our records seem to find a home on ebay for stupid amounts. Don’t be that guy.

The DVD red version is almost gone too, so if you want to kill someone with 10+ hours of coalesce playing live, get on it, because the future of this long awaited release is up in the air as well.

And lastly, Sean’s Dad fell victim to a heart attack. He lived but needs open heart surgery. Sean is taking him to Columbia, Mo. this month, and seriously asks anyone with a moment to keep Bob Ingram in their prayers for a successfull surgery.

Thats all for now, but to answer any chatter on the internets, yes the band is currently still writing for the new Full Length due in late 08/ early 09. Jes has been flying in to Kansas City to continue the writing process, and it’s going well. The band could not be happier with what’s happening with the material, and the excitement level from all members has been set to 11 the entire time. So if you are a fan, and are worried that they are going to “break up” or loose interest, take note that it has not been the case.

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  1. PeatDyke January 6th, 2008 10:53 am

    I would much prefer to support bluecollardistro directly but I have an gift card and I was wondering why No Buisness In This Buisness is listed as being released on December 20th 2020 there? I’m just putting it out there.

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