10 Year Anniversary Functioning on Impatience available now!

Hey guys, we are shocked at how beautiful these things came out.  Expertly printed and die cut from vgkids.com, this brings new life to this classic release.  Full Color breakdown is as follows:

218 180 Gram
268 White/Silver Color in Color
268 Translucent Blue/Opaque Orange Splatter (Band Exclusive)
268 Clear w/ White/Translucent Red Speckle
268 Translucent Red w/ Black & Silver Splatter

The Coalesce store has the exclusive on the Blue/Opaque Orange splatter version. We have them in the store and they are ready to ship as early as tomorrow.  You will not find this color version in any physical store, or other online store, so grab them here now while you can, there are around 200 up for grabs.

As an added bonus (well to sean anyways, since he always wanted on of these), we are doing a bonus package as well.  We made a limited amount of coffee mugs with the foi art to go with the 10 year anniversary release.  Only around 60 or so.  They are not available by themselves, and we are not remaking them to our knowledge, so if you like coffee, and loud music with people screaming, get the combo package.  It will ship later than if you just get the record though.  Mugs should be in the week of the 18th and ship as soon as they come in.

In the meantime take a look at how rad they turned out…

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