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Hello Folks, we promise to have some substantial news for you within the next 2 weeks about our new full length effort and how it’s going to go down, but in the meantime (pun intended), we wanted to let you know that we found 75 of the original (first pressing) give them rope records with no covers on them, so we came up with something creative for them. We put together a package that includes a limited slipmat, black label cover, and mylar sleeve. As an added bonus, 5 white versions were inserted randomly into the batch as chase versions if you feel so inclined. We are pretty confidant that there are no more coverless give them rope vinyl out there. It’s priced to move at $10.00 for the whole package, no limit, so please buy 75 of them.

We also wanted to let you know that the 2 new tshirts we took to florida are up on the site in all sizes. The eagle one that will probably earn you a black eye, and the stuntman mike one that will probably earn us a cease and desist letter. Or a black eye. Remember the skull skates shirt we did? That earned us a beating threat from the owner of said skate company.

And again, we know times are tough, and this is just stuff we are selling, but we appreciate your sales none the less. Due to the amazing support you guys have shown us through merch sales, we were able to embark on our new full length writing, and recording process independently. This is a big deal to us, and it honestly would not have happened without your support.

talk to you in a few weeks.

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  1. dave texas November 28th, 2008 8:24 am


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