We wanted to let you guys know that the OX Preorder is now available.  The band decided to try something different this time.  Shirts are cool, but we wanted to try a few different things.  Here is a heads up on what we went with.

1. A metal flask with the OX cover engraved on the front.  We’ve never seen a band flask before, and we know you all drink.  We pay attention to stuff like that.

2. A stash box.  Officially it’s to stash things like pens and paperclips and stuff like that. In reality we know you’ll find something more interesting to stash in here, and we designed it to meet those specifications.  It’s a black matte box with the OX icon engraved into the wood on the top.  It’s 2.5″ tall, so it’ll fit your bulkier pen sized item perfectly.  It’s lined with velvet on the sides and top, but we made a special printed cardboard for the bottom incase you know, the insides of your pen spill out and you want to make sure you get it all back in your pen.  After writing this, I’m thinking we should have made a pen to go with this.

3. A 12 piece art print set.  This thing is massive and for the art/gig poster crowd.  We printed 1 of each of the ox icons, totalling 12 in all.  They are hand silkscreened in silver on black matte cover stock.  Each piece is 8″ x 8″ and ready to frame.  They come packaged in a black envelope that is printed and then hand signed/numbered by the artist Don Clark (invisible creature / demon hunter).  The envelope is then sealed with a wax seal.  This project is limited to only 200 pieces.  175 are black and silver, and then 25 are a limited red on red.  The red ones are chase packs and are inserted randomly into orders for these.  If you get one with a red wax seal you know you got some ebay fodder.  These are only being run once, and at $25.00 it’s a steal what with how much time is involved to produce these.

4. We also have all the new ox related merch up.  We did low numbers to see what folks wanted before we go into full production.  For gods sakes, if you are sick of black shirts send us a message.

That’s it folks, we thank you for checking it all out and supporting us for what we hope is a loose year.


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  1. qwertyu April 28th, 2009 2:33 pm

    shit no. black shirts are king! thanks guys for what I KNOW is going to leave me with ONLY a brain stem. this is gonna be the release o’ the year.

  2. qwertyu April 28th, 2009 2:36 pm

    …and thanks for once again proving you guys are the coolest fucking band in the world!

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