Some quick updates as OX draws near.

Hey folks, just a few notes as we get ready for the OX release.

First off, we’ve been posting links and updates pretty much instantly at our twitter page.  Check that out if you want to see a more sporadic and personal account of things happening.  You can see that here. 

If you are one of the ones who didn’t download the leak, you can hear “The Purveyor of Novelty and Nonsense.” here.  It’s exclusive to this site apparently. Since the release is so close, I’m pretty sure the whole thing will be streamed soon enough, but honestly, the streams don’t do the production job any justice.

We got an amazing write up by Ian Robinson, the metal vj guy from MTV back when the Rock was reigning WWF champ.  And WWF was still called WWF.  Regardless, you can read that review here. In general we won’t post all reviews on this site, we’ll leave that to our twitter page, but this one was especially flattering.

Also, we wanted to let you know that the next installment of OX, titled OXEP is done and off to mastering.  It is 16 more minutes of OX and will see a 2009 release.  You can view the lyrics right now on the lyrics tab above.

And just because it’s been cracking me up for days, some nature head banging.  If you are one of the dudes in here, get in touch, Ingram wants to go camping with you guys really bad.

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  1. hosswrecker June 12th, 2009 1:54 pm

    Camping is now, very METAL. The sycronicity of the “whipping of the neck” is unprecidented. How they whirlwinded at the same pace, on the same beat…with no music to guide their actions….
    Only baby Jesus H Christ knows.

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