Trailer for upcoming Coalesce archive dvd

The Coalesce archival dvd release is upon us. The covers are coming in soon, and the dvd slips have been hand cut and hand embossed by Sean and his Daughters. In short we are pretty excited about this very hand made project. The packaging is a silkscreened digipack that is 1/2″ thick, and all 4 discs, insert, and sticker slide into. Some of the audio on some of the shows is not ideal, but we are talking about footage from 1995. None of the shows are edited, it’s full sets, with chapter marks at each new song. Some of the shows are cut short due to batteries dying or whatever, but we are hard at work at digging up more old footage for future archival. If anyone has anything not on this list, please get in touch with us! The price for this package is going to be $25.00 at our shows, and it may show up at mom and pop stores in October. Here is a full list of what is on the disc

Howards, Wichita, Ks: 2/25/95: 13 minutes
Daily Grind, Kansas City, Mo: 7/29/95: 29 minutes
Estabon’s, Kansas City, Mo: 10/7/96: 12 minutes
Michigan Fest, Wayne, Mi: 3/27/1997: 29 minutes
total running time for disc 1: 83 minutes

Wilkes Barre Fest, Wilkes Barre, Pa: 6/28/97: 5 minutes
Fireside Bowl, Chicago, Il: 9/3/97: 34 minutes
Basement Show, Minneapolis, Mn: 2/23/98: 27 minutes
Ice House, Baltimore, Md: 4/18/98: 33 minutes
total running time for disc 2: 99 minutes

Twisters, Richmond, Va: 11/4/98: 8 minutes
Melody Bar, New Brunswick, Nj: 11/7/98: 34 minutes
M.I.T, Pittsburgh, Pa:11/11/98: 35 minutes
Basement Show, Salt Lake City, Ut: 11/19/98: 31 minutes
total running time for disc 3: 108 minutes

Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, Pa: 8/19/05: 44 minutes
Granada, Lawrence, Kansas: 9/10/05: 49 minutes
total running time for disc 4: 93 minutes

Total running time for all 4 discs combined: 6 hours, 23 minutes

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