Coalesce DVD available online NOW! Plus new T-shirts.


After 8 years of promising that this thing would see the light, it’s finally here. Volume 1 (maybe the only volume) of the coalesce DIY dvd archiving project the band has undertaken is finally for sale without having to dodge a drum or a microphone stand in person. There are 15 shows on the project on 4 dvdrs. These were hand assembled by the band and their kids, and the cover is silkscreened packaging. Comes with 4 discs, a sticker, and a fold out insert with some rad old flyers (check out the hydrahead productions #3 one!).

Note that there was a file error when making this before tour, and there was not time to go back and fix it before we left for tour, so in short there are 3 different packages for this. There is the blue ones as pictured which includes a few typos that Sean is more than a little embarrased about, and there is also a red and army green one with fixed said typos. So do your ebay math (error + fixed = i should buy this). All in good fun guys, all in good fun, we’d rather you enjoyed our stuff instead of resold it. Get it now while they last, production on this thing is limited.


This just in too, there are limited supplies of the new coalesce tshirt designs we took out on the road to. The first one is of the 7″ cover, it’s a salt pattern. Youtube “salt” and “soundwave” and you get the idea of what that is. It’s not a leapord print. The second one is an Aaron Turner original, and printed in silver ink. And the last one is a complete rework of the FOI idea, instead this time using the ribcage of a fetus. You can grab them all right here.


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  1. angeltread September 10th, 2007 3:33 am

    so awesome. nabbed the aarron turner one in Iowa and coulnt be happier.

  2. phildafoe October 18th, 2007 8:41 am

    man, just got the DVD in the mail today. THANK YOU SO MUCH, been a fan since ’99 up in Canada and never got to see my old faves live. this is a really great thing you did for your fans!

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