Gnarly buy 1 get 1 free cd sale at

Hey, just a quick note that we got an email that there is a pretty rad buy 1 get 1 free cd sale at on relapse titles.  Good on new titles too.  Check it out here.

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The Good News and the Bad news.

I’m a bad news first person, so I’ll make it quick.  No SXSW appearance this year.  Just didn’t make sense after most of our labels weren’t having a huge presence.  Meh…next year maybe.

Now the good news, Coalesce is finally, and I mean FINALLY going to make it overseas to tour Europe.  Here are the details.  Bring it.

16.06.09 NL – Amsterdam, Winston Kingdom
17.06.09 UK – Sheffield, Corporation
18.06.09 UK – Plymouth, White Rabbit
19.06.09 UK – London, Undwerworld
20.06.09 BE – Antwerpen, Trix
21.06.09 FR – Clisson, Hellfest
22.06.09 CH – Zurich, Dynamo
23.06.09 IT – Sottotetto, June Bologna
24.06.09 AT – Vienna, Arena
25.06.09 CZ – Prague, Futurum
26.06.09 DE – Berlin, Cassiopeia
27.06.09 DE – June Essen, Pressure Fest
27.06.09 DE – Munich, Feierwerk
28.06.09 DE – Karlsruhe, Jubez
29.06.09 DE – Cologne, Werkstatt
30.06.09 NL – Tilburg, O13


Note: possible Show on the 15th in Iceland.


The Year of the OX, 2009.

As of today, the record is complete and has been submitted to Relapse Records for international distribution, (including Vinyl format).  We’ve entitled the record “Ox” and it will include 14 new songs totaling roughly 35 minutes.  Ed Rose at Blacklodge Studios recorded and mixed the record, and Mike Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone mastered it.  The guys at Invisible Creature are presently finishing the artwork and packaging.  We’re hoping for a release date sometime between April and May.  The exact date will be made public as soon as we have one.

We are currently planning tours for each US coast as well as SXSW and some over seas jaunts.  We also plan on attending a few festivals in an effort to play in areas that may not fit into our tour schedules.

In an effort to make room for new Ox merchandise, Blue Collar Distro has discounted almost all of the stock available at our online store.  Many of our recent clothing designs are on sale, some at prices lower than cost.  If you have any interest, check it out HERE.

For those of you who have contacted us online or at our shows during the past year and half with encouragement regarding your anticipation of the record, we apologize for how long it has taken us to put it all together.  We sincerely appreciate all the support you have given us and we’re trying to do as much coalesce as our schedules will allow.



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Coalesce to play the ridiculous “Scion Fest”


This has all the earmarks of the most epic Relapse CMJ Showcase at Coney Island High back in 98 or 99.  For real, this thing looks ridiculous.  I just hope it’s not as epic as HellFest, which was, as you know, so epic it imploded upon itself.

There is a lot of conflicting info on how to get tickets for this thing, and we honestly don’t know either.  We did find this great site that seems to have an idea of whats going on.  Check it out HERE.

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Thank you so much…


Hello Folks, we promise to have some substantial news for you within the next 2 weeks about our new full length effort and how it’s going to go down, but in the meantime (pun intended), we wanted to let you know that we found 75 of the original (first pressing) give them rope records with no covers on them, so we came up with something creative for them. We put together a package that includes a limited slipmat, black label cover, and mylar sleeve. As an added bonus, 5 white versions were inserted randomly into the batch as chase versions if you feel so inclined. We are pretty confidant that there are no more coverless give them rope vinyl out there. It’s priced to move at $10.00 for the whole package, no limit, so please buy 75 of them.

We also wanted to let you know that the 2 new tshirts we took to florida are up on the site in all sizes. The eagle one that will probably earn you a black eye, and the stuntman mike one that will probably earn us a cease and desist letter. Or a black eye. Remember the skull skates shirt we did? That earned us a beating threat from the owner of said skate company.

And again, we know times are tough, and this is just stuff we are selling, but we appreciate your sales none the less. Due to the amazing support you guys have shown us through merch sales, we were able to embark on our new full length writing, and recording process independently. This is a big deal to us, and it honestly would not have happened without your support.

talk to you in a few weeks.

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For your consideration…

The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.


10 Year Anniversary Functioning on Impatience available now!

Hey guys, we are shocked at how beautiful these things came out.  Expertly printed and die cut from, this brings new life to this classic release.  Full Color breakdown is as follows:

218 180 Gram
268 White/Silver Color in Color
268 Translucent Blue/Opaque Orange Splatter (Band Exclusive)
268 Clear w/ White/Translucent Red Speckle
268 Translucent Red w/ Black & Silver Splatter

The Coalesce store has the exclusive on the Blue/Opaque Orange splatter version. We have them in the store and they are ready to ship as early as tomorrow.  You will not find this color version in any physical store, or other online store, so grab them here now while you can, there are around 200 up for grabs.

As an added bonus (well to sean anyways, since he always wanted on of these), we are doing a bonus package as well.  We made a limited amount of coffee mugs with the foi art to go with the 10 year anniversary release.  Only around 60 or so.  They are not available by themselves, and we are not remaking them to our knowledge, so if you like coffee, and loud music with people screaming, get the combo package.  It will ship later than if you just get the record though.  Mugs should be in the week of the 18th and ship as soon as they come in.

In the meantime take a look at how rad they turned out…

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6,109 pieces of vinyl?

Hey, a site called the vinyl collective has posted a feature on Coalesce Friend and extreme collector Joseph Proffit.  Check it out HERE.  My kids are ice skating in non-hurtin’ skates because of this homie.

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Newly uncovered Coalesce Wilkes-Barre footage

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