Coalesce initial Recording session completed.

So we holed up in black lodge studios last week to start tracking on our new record.  Five days of crash and bang and we’re now 15 songs deep.  We’re happy with the first round, but we’re far from finished.  Whiskey and westerns inspired; harsh and fast happened.  (that’s what she said…)  We feel like we’ve caught some great moments so far, and, if we’re lucky, we’ll catch a few more before it’s all over.  We don’t expect to have anything up and ready for listening until late fall, but we’ll keep you all updated as things progress.  What are you all up to?


This happened.


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What’s this vinyl nerds?


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Changes to this site, and other randomness

Hey everyone, Sorry for the redirect to myspace last week.  I submitted to the fact that myspace owns 90% of the band internet presence. Last time we checked that was something like 3 million bands on myspace?   There is no denying that myspace is super helpful with communication, but I’m not ready to put all of our eggs in that basket.  So I’ve come back to to try and find that virus some jerk put in the comments, and get us off of google’s black list.  As far as we can tell, there is no virus on this site, downloading scary things into your computer.  Some spammer put some code in a commenet box, and google freaked out.  We found the offending comments and are in the process of getting off the list now.

Also some changes to our vinyl history page.  A really cool coalesce fan named Joseph Proffitt put together an amazing visual vinyl discography on photobucket.  If you go to our vinyl history page, there are links to all 6 right at the top of the page.  We thank you so much Joseph!

We were also alerted by our fans that there was a second pressing of the new 012:2 record.  We have it as 1 press only, as that’s what we were told.  If you are into vinyl, you might check it out.

We start recording next month, that’s right.  The new record will start to have a more permanent life in July.  We haven’t decided how we are going to announce the title and all the details, so we are going to keep them under wraps for the time being.  But, fyi, it’s happening, and ofcourse Mr. Rose is who is at the charge with us.

That’s it for now, more as the new LP develops.

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012:2 Preorder now online. New Relapse gear all around

70142lp_216.jpgWe got the word that the Relapse reissue of 012:2 is online now. All orders will ship on 5/13/08, and it’s a first come first serve basis. Here is the final Breakdown of vinyl and other notes from relapse.

Pressing information:
100 Clear (Not available to the public. Please do not request clear.)
300 Light Blue/Dark Blue Split With Red Speckles
300 Dark Blue w/ Grey Splatter
300 Blue/Black Split

Order this pre-order special and receive the 012:2 Reissue LP and the t-shirt pictured for one low price! Please be sure to select your t-shirt size!

Note: Both the LP and t-shirt will ship together 1 week prior to the release date of the LP. If delayed, package will not ship until both the LP and t-shirt are in stock.

Note: If you have ordered the LP and want to upgrade to this package, please contact

Colored vinyl is available on a first come, first serve basis. If you order multiple copies, you will receive multiple colors while quantities last. Colored vinyl is very limited and not guaranteed.

For the CD only, click here.
For the LP only, click here.
for the CD/Shirt package, click here.
for the LP/Shirt package, click here.


Also, they launched a new coalesce tshirt here!


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The Hoodie you asked for.

Well, they are finally done and online for sale everyone. If you haven’t noticed, we are trying to tend to our store more this year as we are very close to raising the money we need to record our new full length record. We just kinda figured cool merch was the best way to go. Check the detail on the hoodies. The Coalesce Logo is actually on an embroidered logo at poker gambling gameonline poker tourno limit texas hold emfree video poker downloadfree online video poker gametexas hold em gamefree internet poker7 card stud highon line poker gamefree online multiplayer pokerinternet casino pokeromaha poker,omaha poker tip,omaha poker gamepoker onlineplay video pokerfree online poker gamefree texas holdem download7 card stud tournamentsfree video pokerdiscover credit card account,discover credit card account loginaccount card credit merchantcredit card loan consolidation calculatorapplication card credit unsecuredapply for visa credit cardvisa credit card numbersapplication card credit online visaapply card credit studentcard credit debt negotiationapplied bank card card creditge card services online creditcard consolidation credit uk,card consolidation credit debt uk,credit card consolidation ukcash back credit card,back card cash comparison credit,credit card cash back dealbank of america credit card,pay bank of america credit card,small business credit card bank of americaaccept account card credit merchantapplication aspire card credit,aspire credit card applicationcard credit free machineinstant approval credit card applicationdirect merchant bank credit card payment,direct merchant bank credit cardcard consolidation credit loan schoolamerica application bank card creditbest buy credit card online payment,best buy credit card,account best buy card creditcredit card debt negotiation,card credit debt negotiation settlement? ?,card credit debt negotiationchase credit card home page0 card credit interest uk,0 interest credit card,0 card credit free interestcredit card account businesscard credit machine processingcard credit online processing services,card credit online payment services,online credit card servicescard credit discover offer,discover credit card offercredit card consolidation best dealapplication card credit form visa,application card credit status visa,visa credit card applicationconsolidating credit card debt the bottom there. Full redone art for the arm prints, taken from the original source that the record was built from. Quite simply, this is the ultimate hoodie. Charcoal for men, and white for women. Quantities are kinda low on this first run due to the amount of work that has gone into them, so grab them while you can. We\’ll do our best to keep stock up. And again, we really want to apologize for the merch posts, but we get a lot of email about it, and it’s really a necessary evil for us to reach our goal of recording this year. thanks for all the support. You can get them by going HERE.coa-zh-002-full.jpgcoa-gh-002-full.jpgcoa-zh-002-04.jpg

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Coalesce Loves Alternative Apparel!


This is completely random, but Sean Ingram works at a Tshirt printing company (which he started when coalesce was broke up), and boxes show up all the time from Fruit of the Loom, American Apparel, Anvil, and ofcourse Alternative Apparel.  The only difference today is that Alternative Apparel sent a little note to coalesce today.  Well, we love you too!

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Coalesce has to cancel French Hellfest Appearance (bummer!).

It’s with sincere apologies that we announce that circumstances have arisen which will prevent us from being able to play this year’s Hellfest in Clisson, France.  Two of the members in the band, in spite of how bad they want to go to France, have recently had to make employment commitments for the very weekend of the festival.  Given the schedule we have put into effect so as to keep our various responsibilities in order while writing and recording the new record, it is simply not possible for us to make the trip to France that weekend in June.

For those of you in Europe who were planning on coming to the festival to see us, please know that your wanting to see us could not possibly be as intense as our wanting to go to Europe (a trip that we’ve watched all of our peer groups make over the years, while still not having made it ourselves).  To assure you that we will eventually make it to Europe, it’s important to note that one of the principle motivations in writing this new record is the chance to travel abroad, especially to Europe and Japan.  So if we can keep the writing and recording schedule we have in place, then the new album should (hopefully) be out by the end of 2008, which means that 2009 will be a year “full” (by our reckoning) of coalesce live shows including dates in Europe and Japan.

We’re completely puzzled at why Fate has kept us from playing this festival again, but we can’t emphasize enough that the cancellation is in no way related to any intra-band personal struggles (such that another break-up is on the horizon), or in any way related to our not wanting to go to Europe.  It’s just that non-coalesce related circumstances have come up that are simply preventing us from being able to take off that weekend in particular.

Again, our deepest apologies to those of you who were planning on coming to see us, and especially to the promoters of the show who were doing everything they could to get us out there and graciously extended an invitation for us to play in 2009.  Who knows?  Maybe that will be the year we finally play a Hellfest…. Third time’s a charm?


Coalesce gets added to Decibel “Hall of Fame”

We have to admit we are pretty stoked on this, we aren’t used to getting recognition like this, so it feels good to say the least.  The magazine arrived to us last week, and some people are getting them in the mail, but look for At the Gates on the cover.

I didn’t think they could write 4 pages on 0:12 Revolution…, but they did.  Some stuff I totally forgot about in there.  Check it out!

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